Our Story
As a world wide leading supplier in the most extraordinarily sized giant latex balloons, we take absolute pride in providing our clients with quality products at competitive prices. The uniqueness of our giant balloons is inherent in the brand – they are bold and striking, but most of all – GIANT. It’s interesting how something that appears so simple and frivolous can create the most powerful effect in any type of event – whether being a wedding, corporate event or a prom. Our giant round balloons sizes run from 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. Our long balloons come in either 5.5ft or 8ft. We stock in various colours to allow you to choose giant balloons based on a vision or colour scheme.
Advantages in using our online website:
1) Regular promotional offers including free closures with orders over £30 and the exchange between photographs of how balloons are used with a 20% discount.
2) Same-day dispatch: we are extremely efficient and attempt to dispatch your order within the same working day!
3) Free quotation: If you have a large order in mind email us directly on sales@giantballoons.co.uk and we’ll provide you the most competitively priced quotation.
4) Diverse market; we open our business to a wide array of clients – we work with events and productions companies at a regular basis in addition to our commitment to online clients.
5) Gift orientated: If you want to send a giant balloon directly to a friend or loved one, you can write a gift message to accompany the package with no added costs.

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